Theresa Challis

International educators of conscious love and intimacy and authors of the book, Magical Sex, Extraordinary Love, Dr. Theresa J. Knight and L. Challis Jensen are a dynamic couple, sharing their timely message of passionate love, physical vitality, and spiritual/sexual aliveness and connection.

Challis holds a BA in Psychology and works in the solar energy industry.  Theresa has earned a Doctorate degree in Esoteric Studies and a Bachelor's in Hypnotherapy; both within the  field of  Transpersonal Pyschology.  She offers a variety of  classes for singles and couples throughout the USA and Europe.  In addition to her work supporting passionate intimate relationships,  she maintains a private practice facilitating past life journeys for soul healing and growth.

As a happily married couple, Challis and Theresa share a passion for each other as well as for reading, hiking, ballroom dancing, Spanish guitar music, clean air, nutritious food, sunshine, and international travel.



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